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After years in hiding, eighteen-year-old Raya Stravou is going back to her father, Alexander, and to The Revolution: back to a life of death. Working undercover this time for Hideaway, with her best friends at her side, Raya must learn Alexander’s secrets in order to tear the world from his violent vision. The longer Raya stays in The Revolution, the more difficult it is to clearly see the divide between Good and Evil. Blinded by her heart, Raya’s confidence in her mission slips and she begins to question everything. Are The Elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water more than the myths her father told her? Are her dreams of Akaya, crown thrown to the floor and tears streaming down her cheeks, really her imagination? And why does the Stravou family rage burn orange in her father’s eyes, but blaze blue in her own? Ella Moore's debut novel is the first in this fierce coming-of-age series that follows Raya as she harnesses the waves of personal power to be the hero in her own story, and to the world.


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